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Activity Discussion General Discussion How can children be protected from the 3rd wave of covid-19?

  • Sakchi

    May 20, 2021 at 12:11 pm
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    Corona virus has effected all of the countries very badly. A tiny microscopic virus had damaged the country , company , customer , consumer everything. We are freezed in only one condition . Don’t know how many people had lost their lives . Even the data of death is still increasing day by day. Many poor people and daily wages workers lost their jobs too and they are suffering from the most difficult time of their life. Every day , news is coming that he is died , she is hospitalized. All this thing is continuing from last one year .

    Education , studies , exam are totally effected by this corona virus pandemic. From last two years students were promoted directly without having exams but what to do the situation is very bad.

    Talking about India, here the first covid-19 wave was affecting people more than 55+ or you can say old people. So they were supposed to stay at home and generally they are retired people so they can stay safely in home. India has faced this first wave very efficiently and situations were also improving from last Nov – Dec.

    But , during March a new varient of this covid-19 emerges and now it is effecting the adults . India is also not completely prepared from this. So , the cases is raising very high day by day . Oxygen crisis, hospital bed crisis and these kind of situation we are currently facing. Also the death rate is also increasing day by day. Hence, state government came into action and impose lock down to overcome with these situations. Also vaccination process had started and hence our main aim is to vaccinate our whole population as soon as possible but really it is a big deal.

    Hence , after seeing all the facts it is now assumed that the new varient of covid-19 or the third wave will effect children .

    So we need to prepare ourselves before hand :-

    Trial of vaccine is going on it should be completed as soon as possible to vaccinate our child.

    Children should stay at home only , and the person who is going outside for some important works must not come in contact of them.

    Give your child immunity booster supplements like vitamin c , zinc etc.

    Try to drink khada atleast once in a day to be safe.

    Children should wear masks even at their home to decrease the risk.

    If any kind of symptoms is visible please do contact to your doctor urgently. You can isolate your child at your home and take care .

    Once the vaccination process starts then please vaccinate your child.

    Hope you will be satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you


  • Anushree

    May 20, 2021 at 1:43 pm
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    The entire world has been witnessing a global pandemic since the beginning of the year 2020 and it has been devastating since then. The world has come to a halt people are terrified with the huge ever-increasing number of cases as well as the death rate. The world economy as well as the world medical services are facing heavy challenges. Controlling this every mutating virus is becoming more tedious every day. Already all the countries have faced the first wave in which the infectivity rate was high as usual but the death rate was low as compared to it and after a lot of efforts scientists were able to design a vaccine against this strain but within no long another wave appeared with almost more than double spread rate and also a deadly death rate, most of the countries including our India is still facing this second wave and things are really tough.

    But the worst news is scientists has detected a possibility of generation of another wave or the third wave and people are horrified with this news, it is also said that this wave will be more dangerous for children. So now the steps which we can adopt to safeguard children from this deadly virus are:

    1. The drive to vaccinate children should be started right off.

    2. Children should be made more aware about the emergency situation and should be taught the proper use of masks and sanitizers.

    3. Children should not be taken out unless and until it is of extreme importance.

    4. Their diet should be taken care of and should be fed more protein, vitamin and minerals.

    5. Engage children in doing regular yoga.

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