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Activity Discussion General Discussion How can old aged people be protected from covid-19?

  • Ishita

    July 31, 2021 at 12:43 pm
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    Covid 19 is a very unexpected disease which is causing destruction all over the world. Firstly we don’t even know that such a virus could ever exist and now we have to deal with it. From the month of February 2020 we learn about these viruses. But we don’t even think that this could affect so much in our lives. It quickly spread all around the world and made our lives miserable. It had taken so many millions of lives, and made so many people unemployed. But still this time we have to cope with it. We have to continue our lives coping with it. This virus is more affective on old people and children.When the covid hit our country doctors told us to isolate ourselves, wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep ourselves clean and don’t go in public places without an emergency. Doctors said that children and old people have to be more careful as they have less immunity from a young person. They should not go out without an emergency. They also can do some light exercise and yoga to keep fitness.In the inception of this situation people had taken this situation seriously, they followed these instructions given by the doctors. But when the time passes, the fear of it becomes less. So the people became careless and disobeyed these instructions. This is the main cause of the dangerous second wave outbreak in India. The second wave became more fatal than the first wave. So many people elderly people died, even young people also died. So old people have taken a lot more care than others. If they follow the instructions of the doctors they don’t get hurt. If any old people get infected it has the highest chance that they can not survive.But still there is a hope that we can defeat this disease as the vaccine has come out. So all old people have to the covid 19 vaccines and follow the instructions of the doctors. If they do this then the virus can not be effective.And the most important besides these things we have to be positive in life and spread positivity that one everything can be normal.

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