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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How do deaf and dumb people communicate?

  • Ishita

    June 19, 2021 at 12:21 pm
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    Normal people can easily communicate with each other. But do you ever how can a deaf and dumb people communicate with other. We don’t even think to communicate without talking and listening but deaf and dumb people actually do this. So let’s learn how deaf and dumb people communicate with others-

    Deaf people’s communication:-

    Deaf people can also communicate with others, but they just have to adopt a different way to communicate. The main ways of deaf people’s communication is lip reading and sign language.

    Lip reading:-

    It is a medium that helps a deaf individual to understand speech, by using visual activities given by the movement by the lips and tongue, the facial expression and the body language of the person speaking. It’s a very complicated process. The lip reader will draw together clues from all of these ways, plus from things like the topic of conversation, their own knowledge of language and speech patterns.Their hearing aid may also increase the amount they can process aurally. These procedure help them to communicate each other . It builds their confidence and positivity. Many people become so efficient in lip reading that they don’t even feel the loss of not hearing anything.

    Sign language:-

    Sign language is another way of communication for deaf people. But every country has a different sign language. It is basically used for people who are deaf by birth. This includes some clever visual language that incorporates hand gestures, body language and facial expressions to build up a complete picture of the meaning it is intended to tell. As a separate range of languages, sign languages have their own syntax and grammatical structure that isn’t exactly used in the spoken language. There are also regional signs in use, a little like regional accents in spoken language. Some sign languages use what is known as the two-handed fingerspelling alphabet. This can be useful to spell out names of places or people where there is not a specific sign for that word.

    Dumb people communication:-

    Dumb people also have a different way to communicate with other people, their way is different from the communication of dumb people.

    Body language:-

    Dumb people basically communicate with their body language. They use sign language and move their bodies differently to state a different kind of meaning.

    Use technology:-

    Many technologies can be used as a way to communicate with mute people. Many smart technology is invented to help the dumb people. So many advance technology is use to as communication system of dumb people. Like visual activities, sign language etc

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