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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How does excretion system in human body works?

  • Nehal

    May 28, 2021 at 11:59 pm
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    Excretory system:

    The excretory framework comprises organs that eliminate metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. Waste that is produced by the human body is removed with the help of urine and other waster products through the bloodstream. Solid waste is removed from the large intestine and the expulsion of urea occurs in the kidneys. The excretory framework in people comprises primarily of the kidneys and bladder. Urea is filtered by the kidney. Other organs, like the liver, process toxins but put their wastes back to the blood. it’s up to the kidneys to filter the blood so that toxic substances don’t accumulate.

    Functions of excretory:

    It directs the liquid balance of the body, keeping up sufficient salt and water levels.

    When there is an overabundance of water, it is taken out of the human body through the production of hypotonic urine.

    It helps maintain a balance between the digestive system also.

    It ensures that homeostasis is maintained even when we intake a lot of protein.

    The excretory system is important for preventing the toxic build from nitrogenous wastes, like ammonia or urea.

    It is additionally critical in keeping up inside homeostasis.

    Kidney, urinary bladder, liver, Large Intestine, lungs, or gills. These are the main excretory organs that are involved in the process of removal of urine and other solid waste which is generated in our body.

    With help of the kidney, urea is filtered and other solid waste is cleaned through the bloodstream. Then urine is sent to Urinary Bladder which is a sac-like structure that receives urine from both the kidney and urine is stored here. The liver helps to detoxify. Ammonia is converted into urine. In the large intestine, the main function of this gland is to absorb the remaining water in the food which is undigested. It enables bacterial fermentation of undigested food.

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