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Activity Discussion General Discussion Knowledge VS score book( report card)

  • Kumari

    May 19, 2021 at 5:41 pm
    Not Helpful

    I think knowledge and score card both are equally important because if a person as the knowledge of the subject there is no way that they won’t be able to score good marks in the subject. Colleges and universities judges a person by there marks on the score card before checking there knowledge. Knowledge is a source to good marks and they are generally found together. Parents these day say that knowledge is important and not the marks. That is just to console there kids. That is not the truth. Students should make sure that they gain the knowledge not just to keep it with themselves but also so that it can be represented from there marks and score card. Score cards matter alot. If a student is very intelligent but due to some reason if he is not able to perform well and does not score good marks he won’t be called a good student, whereas an average student studies at the time of exam and score good marks he will be called a good student. There can be valid reasons to not score good marks but the student should keep studying, practicing and work hard in order to get good marks because excuses are not the one that people want to see sucess is the thing which is counted. Whether it’s an interview for a job, for higher education or for school giving marks are mandatory for all because the first thing is the marks on which a student is judged and shortlisted upon. For scoring marks it is important to understand the technique for scoring good marks. It is important to study smartly so that knowledge is used at the right place in order to gain good marks. And this mindset should be spread among people so that everyone makes sure they will be judged on there marks and not on the level of there knowledge and this can be taken up as an excuse.

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