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Activity Discussion Environment Land breeze and sea breeze.

  • Edutuber

    June 3, 2021 at 11:03 pm
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    We all may have wondered when we go to beaches. Beachsides are always in a windy condition. This happens due to the difference in heating between the ocean and land. We know that wind always moves from high pressure region to low pressure region. According to the pressure variation the whole earth is divided into different pressure belts. Equatorial low pressure belt , polar high pressure belt etc are some examples. But when we comes to land breeze and sea breeze , the condition is entirely different. During the day time, the land gets heated up quickly and the sea remains cooler for some more time. This temperature gradient creates a difference in pressure of land and sea. Due to the higher pressure in sea compared to the land , the wind blows from sea to land. This phenomenon is known as sea breeze as it is flowing from sea to land. But during night, the land gets cooled quickly but water at the sea takes time to cool down . This creates another type of wind opposite to sea breeze. This wind blows from land to sea and it occurs during night time. This breeze is known as land breeze. It is due to land breeze, fishing boats go to sea only at night time so they can reduce the effort taken to counter react the breeze. Another important fact which needs to be known is that climate changes affect these breezes.

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