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    May 22, 2021 at 12:55 am
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    BODMAS in mathematics is known as the order of operations. It is how any operators or numbers perform operations in any given arithmetic expression. It is a logical way through which complicated options can be solved. Thus BODMAS gives a standard rule that simplifies the solving of any expressions that contain more than one operands.

    BODMAS is applicable to these two types of components only

    a. Numbers


    BODMAS rule is the short form that is used to remember the order in which a mathematical calculation can be performed. Following this makes our job simpler.

    The B stands for Brackets

    The O stands for Order of powers or roots

    The D stands for Division

    The M stands for Multiplication

    The A stands for Addition

    The S stands for Subtraction.

    While solving an equation from left to right this order must be followed to get the correct result.

    So at first on goes for brackets then they look for powers or roots and solve them, then they look for division or multiplication. It must be noted that in this case whichever operation comes first is operated first. This followed addition and lastly subtraction.

    Additional Conditions that must be remembered while applying the BODMAS rule:

    – For the presence of any bracket, the addition or subtraction should be done after solving the bracket and opening it up

    For example:

    x + (y + z) = x + y + z

    – When there is a negative sign, The bracket result must be multiplied with -1 before going to the next part of the calculation.

    For example:

    x – (y + z) = x – y – z

    -Lastly for any number that is outside the bracket and placed just after the bracket, that number should be multiplied with each term of the bracket.

    For example:

    x(y + z) = xy +xz

    A mathematical example:


    =5+7*3-(8)^2+9/3 //solving bracket

    =5+7*3-64+9/3 //solving power

    =5+21-64+9/3 //solving multiplication

    =5+21-64+3 //solving division


    =29-64 //solving the additon

    =-35 //solving the subtraction

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