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Activity Discussion History Mention the major campaigns and events of Akbar’s reign.

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  • Shivani

    June 8, 2021 at 9:32 am
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    It is 1556-1570 to the Representatives of the independence, the regent of the Feast of the Khan and the other members of his household staff. He launched a military campaign against the Suryans, and the Afghans against the neighboring kingdoms of Malwa and in Gondwana, to a rebellion in order to suppress his half-brother, Mirza, Judges, and the republic of Uzbekistan.

    In 1568, he was arrested in the capital of the Sisodia, Chittor, and in 1569-Ranthambore.

    This is from the 1570’s, 1585s, the military campaign in Gujarat, in conjunction with campaigns in the east, Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa.

    It was, 1585-1605, that the Representatives of the expanding empire. He launched a campaign in the north-west. Kandahar was taken by the Safavid army, and the country was annexed. Kabul, was captured after Mirza Judge of the dead.

    After Iran launched a campaign in the Deccan, and soon, Shamakhi, the united Berar, Khandesh, and is a part of the Ahmadnagar.

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