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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Painting


  • Brianna

    June 21, 2023 at 7:11 pm
    Not Helpful

    Step 1: Decide the two colours and paint them on the paper. If two colours, paint them in halves, if more colours, divide the page paint strips according to the pattern of the ombre. Make sure to leave sufficient space to blend.

    Step 2: Take a median colour (a colour between the two colours you want for the ombre) and paint it where the two different colours meet.

    Step 3: Now you’ll have three different colours on the page. Add another strip of paint, matching the middle trip and the top and bottom strips.

    Step 4: Slowly blend all the colour together to form a beautiful merged effect which looks seemless. You can use a sponge and then a paintbrush for this part.

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