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  • Ishita

    September 17, 2021 at 3:56 pm
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    Phrases are a very important part of sentences. so let’s learn about the phrases –

    Phrase:- phrase is part of a sentence that doesn’t have any verb. The phrase is not a sentence, it is just a group of words.


    There isn’t any ideal age to get married.

    She laughed at funny people.

    Finally, we can rest after a long day.

    Her earnest desire is to go to Italy.

    (The bold part of the sentence is the phrase)

    Types of phrases:-

    It is hard to classify the phrases. It can work as a noun, adjective, or preposition. Based on the function of the sentence there are eight types of phrases- 1)noun phrase, 2)verb phrase, 3)adjective phrase, 4)Adverb phrase, 5)Gerund phrase, 6)Infinitive phrase, 7) prepositional phrase, 8) absolute phrase.

    1)Noun phrase:-

    A noun phrase is a phrase that worked as a noun in a sentence, it consists of a noun related word, example –

    I have a huge beautiful house.

    He brought expensive blue genes.

    2) Verb phrase:-

    A verb phrase is a phrase that consists of the main verb and helping verb in a sentence, example –

    I am writing a letter.

    She has been playing basketball since the morning.

    3) Adjective phrase:-

    An adjective phrase works as an adjective in a sentence, example –

    I brought a beautiful red dress.

    The Lady has long hair.

    4)Adverb phrase:-

    An adjective phrase is a phrase that acts as an adverb in a sentence. It modifies adverb or verb in a sentence, example-

    She can run very fast.

    She drinks just two sips of water.

    5)Gerund phrase:-

    A gerund phrase is a phrase that has gerund words means the verb with “ing”, example –

    He started reading a letter.

    I enjoy seeing others dance.

    6)Infinitive phrase:-

    An infinitive phrase is a phrase that has an infinitive word in a sentence that means To+the 1st from of verb, example –

    I like to sing songs.

    The Doctors made a plan to help the poor patients.

    7) participle phrase:-

    Participle phrase means a present and past participle verb which modifies and linked other words, example –

    I got an email stating the result.

    The clothes made of cotton are so comfortable.

    8) absolute phrase:-

    An absolute phrase is a phrase that contains a noun, pronoun and a participle in a sentence. but it is done and has a finite verb. example:-

    She was so sad, her face showing her grief.

    I, having money in my purse, went shopping.

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