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    May 15, 2021 at 8:12 pm
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    The environment has always offered enough resources for every living organism on the planet. There are divisions and specific jobs for everyone. And everyone is needed at times. The need of each individual component is necessary.

    The environment is divided into two components,

    biotic and abiotic components.

    Let’s quickly get into every one of them.

    1. Abiotic: The necessary components of nature that are not living are the abiotic components. They are the physical and chemical elements of nature. These include elements that are influencing every day whether quite efficiently.

    These components affect the ecosystem directly. In fact, the climate faces the result pretty upfront.

    For example, sunlight, wind, rain, etc., all are abiotic components.

    The contribution of these factors is quite evident in nature.

    If the sunlight is more, we feel hot. If it’s less, the weather seems gloomy. The fast windy days or wet humid weather, both create evident results. Therefore, we can say that these are the ultimate components that decide how the ecosystem looks and feels like.

    Other examples are soil components. The complete area’s production depends on soil and elevation. Thus they also act as deciding factors to food consumed by the other half. This ultimately decides the type of people that are suitable to live in that particular ecosystem.

    2. Biotic

    Coming to the biotic elements now.

    So what will happen to wind, water, and soil if there’s nothing to feel its effects. That’s where the biotic components come into play. The living part or once-living of the ecosystem is categorized as the biotic component of nature.

    The biotic components are further divided into three main categories :

    They are

    a)producers or autotrophs: These resemble the group that is the maker of food for others and themselves. They are the most important component as without them there would have been nothing for the other part to extract their energy from.

    Example: Plants

    b)consumers or heterotrophs

    This one includes organisms that are surviving in the environment by consuming other elements or by taking food from the autotrophs.

    c)decomposers or detritivores.

    Example: Mammals

    Lastly, decomposers are those creatures that survive by consuming energy solely from organic sources only. They break the dead matter in the ground and uses that as their energy source.

    Example: fungi

  • Aruja

    May 16, 2021 at 1:58 pm
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    Natural substances found on the earth that are use without much alteration are called natural resources.

    Example- Water, air, soil, minerals and natural vegetation. We can directly consume a tomato from the plant. But we have to separate minerals from there ores from processing. like petroleum, diesel,etc.

    So there are criteria in which there natural resources are classified.

    If we talk about the classification on the bases of origin. Natural resources are divided in 2 categories. Abiotic and Biotic.

    1) Biotic resources- These are derived from all living organism in ecosystem. They include plants such as cereals, crops, fruits, vegetables. Animals, micro-organisms, and human beings also belongs to this category. Most of the biotic component have the capacity to reproduce if the environmental conditions are favorable. Some rare spices of animals are being hunt for there organ or skins, that’s why they are coming under the danger of being extent. Many policies and rules are made to stop this exploitation of life. Example- elephant for teeth, tiger for skin, rhino for there horn, etc

    2) Abiotic resources- These are found from physical or non-living environment. They include air, water, land, minerals, etc. Some of these resources can be exhausted by excessive use because they are available in limited quantity in nature. There total reserve cannot be increased by human efforts. These resources are in great demand for the development of industries. Example- coal, petroleum, clean water,etc.

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