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  • Aashutosh

    May 17, 2021 at 3:57 pm
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    This is actually a sign that you are using the diaphragm which is the correct breathing technique.

    The diaphragm is one of the most essential muscles of our body that supports us in breathing. Many people don’t have clue what it does or what it is working?

    The diaphragm is the major working muscle of all the time supporting breathing. It has to pump air in and out around 90 million times during our lifetime.

    The diaphragm is a huge, thin dome-shaped muscle that is connected to the lower rib cage which is present at the bottom of the spine. It separates the abdomen from the chest. Whenever the diaphragm contracts it moves downwards and widens. As a result in the lowering of the pressure in the chest cavity pulling air into the lungs. It is helped by intercostals(some chest muscles) which are attached to the upper ribs. While exhaling, the diaphragm relaxes along with the chest muscles, pushing air out of the lungs. As a result, we see our stomach expanding while we breathe.

    The diaphragm is such an important muscle, not using it correctly can lead to many long-term health problems.

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