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Activity Discussion Essay Should Students get limited access to the Internet?

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  • Ishita

    August 11, 2021 at 10:10 pm
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    Nowadays students are surrounded by various enchantments in our environment and daily life. One of the enchantments is the internet. It is already the 21st century, so we all need easy accessibility to use and being dependent.The expectations are also rising for the growth of technological advancement, which also includes internet access. The Internet is very important today because of the rising pandemic situation, especially for the students. Students are the future of our country so they should get anything more smoothly than others, which are easily available with internet access. For this pandemic situation, we are all stuck in the home and all work is going online with internet access. Students attending classes, given exams, all things happen with internet access.Not only in the current situation before that the internet helps many students to get their work done easily.But, the question arises that Should they get limited access to the internet? There should be limited access to the students. It should always be limited specially for some prohibited websites, videos which are not suitable for young children or students because it might affect them in a negative way. It will lead them to do negative things which impact society. Students should only have limited access to the internet for their studies, work or knowing about relevant information. Parents should look after their children and control their exposure to internet.

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