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Activity Discussion Environment Sustainable development of resources.

  • Ishita

    September 16, 2021 at 5:51 pm
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    It is very important to have sustainable development of the resources.It ensures us to live a happy, healthy life. Sustainable development of resources can help us and our environment both. Sustainable development of resources means proper use of resources doesn’t overuse it. The resources like fossil fuel,water,and trees are limited so we should take care of them and not recklessly overuse them. Sustainable development of resources improves us and our future. It conserves energy, resources, and many more. We all know that our earth goes through a difficult time thanks to heating and pollution. Sustainable development of resources can prevent these. We should not take our surroundings without any consideration . We are surviving because of it. Our most unsustainable behavior is deforestation, trees are the source of oxygen and that we can’t live without oxygen. But still for reasons like urbanization, construction, agriculture we hamper the trees. It makes an enormous bad impact on the environment and our lives. There will be a time once we suffer tons for this impulsive behavior. This is the time to measure a sustainable life to stop all types of destruction. We also should not overuse the energy like fossil fuel. We almost forgot that it is unrepeatable. If we don’t stop it now it will lead us to a destructive future. To stop these we can plant more trees, don’t use water unnecessarily, don’t use the stuff too much which is run by energy and try to use solar energy more. These resources are limited so we should not take it for granted. To stop this we can spread awareness about it. And most importantly we should change our own activities before changing others.

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