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Activity Discussion Environment Vegetative propagation

  • Aruja

    May 31, 2021 at 5:40 pm
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    In vegetative propagation new plants are obtained from a part of the parent plant without the involvement of reproductive organs under favourable condition. Various structures take part in this type of reproduction known as Natural vegetative propagation in which plant parts like root, stem and leaves develop into new plants. The property of vegetative propagation is used in methods such as cutting, layering and grafting known as methods of artificial vegetative propagation. In order to grow plant like sugar cane, roses or grapes, etc. Plants raised by vegetative propagation can bear flowers and fruit earlier than those produced from seeds. The propagation of plants such as banana Rose, orange and Jasmine that have note the capacity to produce seeds can also be reproduced through vegetative propagation. All plants produced through vegetative propagation are genetically similar enough to the parent plant.

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