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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are High-Level and Low-Level Language?


    June 2, 2021 at 11:26 pm
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    High-level programming languages

    These are computer languages or instructions which are written in a format that is easily understood by a human. It is quite similar to the human language. The initial motive behind creating high-level languages was to make things easier for the programmers. These are so easy that they can be understood by programmers without knowing the exact machine codes.

    Low-Level Programming Language<div>

    A low-level language is a computer language that is not a human language version of the machine codes. In fact, they are raw codes. This creates many hindrances for programmers as all of them are quite complicated to understand and read. Not everyone can read those to be exact.


    In low-level programming languages, the whole execution of the programs is marked by the machines only.

    But as is mentioned earlier the high-level programming languages are human-understandable forms of language.

    This makes it the programmers to take interest in it as these are instructions written in word and not some random combination of binary.

    This must be understood clearly that the computer solely understands the binary language. Then we have the assembly level language that is the low-level language that has a close association with the binary.

    They deal with fundamental kinds of stuff and interact with the system closely. But how is the interaction between the hardware and the software? Here the benefit of the operating system comes into play. They do the necessary job and act as a communication bridge between them. Above the low-level, programming language are the high-level language. They need generally an interpreter to translates the instructions into machine language.

    This way the users don’t face the complex coding details. And the computer also understands the transformable form of the language. All of these hold the system together and work as a unit.


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