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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What are nouns ?

  • Shivani

    May 31, 2021 at 9:09 am
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    A noun may be a word for an individual, place, or thing. (It can be useful to consider a noun as a “naming word.”) There square measure differing kinds of noun, however all nouns are often classified as either a correct noun or a standard noun.

    Proper Nouns

    A proper noun is that the specific name given to an individual, place, or factor (e.g., a private name or a title). For example:


    Common Nouns

    A common noun is that the word used for one thing. In different words, it’s the word that seems in a very lexicon. For example:


    Types of noun

    Below square measure 9 differing kinds of noun. each noun are often classified as a minimum of one in all the subsequent noun sorts.

    (1) Abstract Noun

    An abstract noun are some things you can not see or bit (e.g., “bravery,” “hate,” “joy”).

    (2) Concrete Noun

    A concrete noun are some things you’ll be able to see or bit (e.g., “tree,” “cloud,” “garlic”).

    (3) noun

    A noun is that the word used for a gaggle of individuals or things (e.g., “team,” “group,” “choir”).

    (4) Compound Noun

    A compound noun may be a noun created from 2 or a lot of words (e.g., “court-martial,” “water bottle,” “pickpocket”). Some compound nouns square measure combined, some don’t seem to be, and a few mix their words to make one word.

    (5) Gender-Specific Nouns

    A gender-specific noun refers to one thing specifically male (e.g., “man,” “boy,” “bull”) or a feminine (e.g., “woman,” “girl,” “vixen”).

    (7) Non-Countable Nouns (Mass nouns)

    A non-countable noun (or noun as {it’s also|it may be also} known) is a noun while not a word form (e.g., “food,” “music,” “ice”). Non-countable nouns sometimes make up one in all the subsequent categories: conception, activity, food, gas, liquid, material, item class, phenomenon, or particles.

    (8) calculable Nouns

    A calculable noun may be a noun that may be pluralized (e.g., “cat/cats,” “argument/arguments,” “device/devices”).

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