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Activity Discussion Environment What are some ways energy is wasted?

  • Ishita

    August 9, 2021 at 7:17 pm
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    Energy is the source of every essential thing in our daily life. For Today’s technology, we get the charge in energy more easily. That’s the reason why some of us take these for granted. If we do not pay much attention, we use a lot of energy in our everyday life by charging the electorics from using T.V, fridge, fan, A. C and many like. But sometimes this usage becomes extreme because we waste too much energy. There are few following, which refer the most the source of energy wastage from our daily life:

    Leaving the light on:- This is the most common thing we all do, which really is not a good thing. This is one of the worst habits which can waste a large amount of energy. If you leave the light off when you’re off somewhere, it will save your electricity and also the bulbs will last long.

    Leaving electronics plugged in:-The electronic devices like TV, air conditioner, fridge, micro oven, computer, phone waste energy even when they are turned off or plugged in. So, we should use them correctly.

    Powering an Empty Chest Freezer:- If you have an extra freezer in it is great for storing food. But it causes more harm than good when it is empty. A running freezer wastes around 103 kWh which costs an average of $14 per month. When your freezer is empty it is better to unplug it to save energy and money.

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