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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the barriers of communication?

  • Aashutosh

    May 19, 2021 at 3:28 pm
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    Effective communication can be often disturbed or misunderstood by the receiver due to some barrier. Any parameter that hinders the smooth communication between the transmitter and the receiver is considered to be a barrier to communication. A communication barrier reduces the ease at which we communicate and hence hinders effective communication. Although the barriers to communication may be different for different situations, you should beware of the following:

    1. Linguistic Barriers: The major barrier is the language barrier. It can limit your communication to a great extent. Some employees are good in certain languages but not so compatible with other languages. So some measures should be taken to channel effective communication between employer and employee.

    2. Psychological Barriers: There might be different psychological or mental issues with the people which can hinder effective communication. Fear, anxiety, speech disorder are some known issues that might create the communication gap.

    3. Emotional Barriers: The emotional IQ of a person determines the ease and comfort with which they can communicate. An emotionally mature person will be able to communicate effectively. While people who let their emotions take over will face difficulties.

    4. Physical Barriers: These are the obvious barrier which can be removed easily. It includes loud noises, closed doors, faulty medium of communication, etc. Faulty equipment can also limit effective communication to an extent.

    5. Cultural Barriers: As our community is expanding globally one should be aware of the cultural beliefs of others also. Cultural beliefs might affect your effective communication. One should be culturally appropriate.

    6. Organisational Structure Barriers: There are many methods that have their own problems and constraints that may become barriers to effective communication on an organizational level. Most of these barriers arise because of misinformation or lack of appropriate transparency available to the employees.

    7. Attitude Barriers: Some people are introverts and like to be left alone whereas other people are extra extrovert, somewhat clingy. Both these cases could become a barrier to communication. Some people have attitude issues, eg, huge egos and inconsiderate behaviors.

    8. Perception Barriers: Everyone has a different level of perception of the same things. So, one should process the communication thoroughly and effectively, otherwise, it could turn into a barrier or limitation to communication.

    9. Physiological Barriers: Certain disorders other limitations can also hinder the effective communication between the various channels of an organization. The shrillness of voice, dry throat, etc are some examples of physiological barriers to effective communication.

    10. Technological barriers: Decent tech can also become a good barrier if it is faulty. Though it can be removed by changing or updating the technologies.

    Here are some barriers to effective communication that one might face in life.

  • Anushree

    May 19, 2021 at 4:11 pm
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    The word communication is derived from the Latin word “communis” which means to share. Communication is the mere art of exchanging the thought and idea from one person to another through either verbal mode or any written mode. Effective communication is a necessity is today’s world without communication skills a person is not considered to be properly qualified for any kind of professional work. But all of us at some point of the time or other have faced difficulties to communicate due to various reason this problem is termed are BARRIER TO COMMUNICATION there are various kinds of barriers to communication we will be discussing some of them here:

    1. ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER: We often face some loud noise due to some constructional activities or activities by some other nearby person we also witness interruption and at times physical discomfort this is termed as Environmental barrier.

    2. PSCHOLOGICAL BARRIER: We generally do not feel comfortable to communicate or exchange our thoughts with people with whom our psychology does not match this barrier is termed as Psychological barrier.

    3. LANGUAGE BARRIER: People speaking different languages are often unable to speak or understand other languages and thus when they get to interact with people from other origin they fail to do so.

    4. PERSONAL BARRIER: At times people suffer from physical challenges such as being deaf or dumb at this point, they are not able to communicate due to some personal problem of their own.

    5. DEMOGRAPHICAL BARRIER: At times one particular language has variety of accents and people living in different landforms use them and it often turns out to be a communication barrier.

    6. ATTITUDINAL BARRIER: At times due to the attitude of the other person people do not feel comfortable to communicate, this at times turns out to be very serious and results in being a communication barrier.

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