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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are the different types of systems in the body? Briefly explain there funct

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    May 17, 2021 at 7:42 pm
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    The human body is divided biologically into 11 categories:

    1. Circulatory System:

    This one is the circulatory system. This system is responsible for blood circulation all over the body. It is nothing but a network of veins, arteries that have the responsibility to move the blood around the body. The heart is the main component of the system. Blood is pumped out by the heart and that blood is taken away from the arteries and vein to the required organs. Not only blood but oxygen and essential nutrients are transferred too.

    2. Digestive System

    This system deals with everything that comes under food and digestion. The body needed its food-derived energy to perform day-to-day activities. And the digestive system is a great part of that. It performs breaking down of food and absorbing of nutrients. It also eliminates the waste from the body.

    3. Endocrine System

    All the hormonal activity that is happening and occurring in the human body, is part of the endocrine system. They perform the secretion without any duct. A human mood is nothing but the effects of hormones in the body.

    4. Exocrine System

    It is also known as the ‘Integumentary System’. They perform the secretion through ducts in the body. This includes skin and other glands that secrets sweat, salivary, mammary products, etc. The elimination is similar to endocrine yet from it.

    5. Immune System

    This is one of the most vital systems of the human body. It is responsible to protect your body against diseases and provide immunity. The system is responsible for detecting what actually belongs to the system and what are the pathogens. It also eliminates detected and harmful viruses that might try to enter the system.

    6. Muscular System

    The whole framework of the body is supported by a muscular arrangement. It is holding the skeletal part, the organs together. This system is responsible for our bodily posture. It has three categories: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Together they work to make the human body move.

    7. Nervous System

    The complex collection of nerves, that forms a network and carries information from the brain to other organs. The system is highly complicated. But this is the sole system that is responsible for sending responses and instructing to perform certain activities. All the bodily activity is controlled by the brain, and hence by the nervous system.

    8. Renal System

    This system is the urinary system. It connects the kidney, ureters, urinary bladder urethra. The whole urinary operation is under its control.

    9. Reproductive System

    This is the genital system of the human body that is responsible for the process of reproduction.

    10. Respiratory system

    The process of breathing in and breathing out is done through this system. The lungs are in charge of the whole operation. However, this is the single system that is essential for breathing air.

    11. Skeletal System

    Last but not the least, what would have happened to a body if its framework is not there. The skeletal system is actually the framework of the body. Every muscle, organ, is supported by it.

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