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Activity Discussion Environment What are the seasons of India?

  • Anushree

    May 31, 2021 at 6:24 pm
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    India lies in the tropical region with a variety of seasons. It experiences four major seasons mainly Summer, Winter, Autumn and Rainy. Summer mainly enters the sub-continent in the month of March. Summer is the brightest of all the other seasons we experience, it brings to us a wide variety of fruits and vegetables along with the scorching heat of the sun. Working outdoors becomes really tough in this season. And the scorching light and the heat waves often causes people to fall ill which sometimes even turns critical. Also maintaining energy level in summers is a difficult job and it often turns out that we become tired before completing our chores.

    Then gradually rainy season sets in after the scorching heat of the sun shatters the land of the earth, in the month of June, the rainy season quenches the thirst of the earth. It fills the water bodies which were dried for forming the clouds maintaining the water cycle.

    The winter season sets in the by the end of December, it is the time to enjoy and travel. It brings along with it a lot of vegetables. During winter days are shorter and nights are longer.

    And then after finally to complete the season cycle, we have Autumn the king of all seasons and even the most pleasant. During this time nature celebrates it self and the earth rejoices.

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