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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are the type of leafs?

  • Srijita

    June 1, 2023 at 10:36 pm
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    There are two main types of leaves-

    1. Simple Leaves:

    It is a single leaf with undivided leaflets which are directly attached to the stem and always attached to a twig by its stem or the petiole.

    Examples: Maple, oaks, banana, guava, mango, etc.

    2. Compound Leaves:

    A leaf composed of multiple leaflets attached to the midvein. It has its own stalk.

    Examples: Neem, rose, clover, desert cotton, etc.

    Based on the types of leaf veins and their arrangement in the lamina, compound leaves are further classified into two types:

    1. Pinnately compound leaves:

    They are leaflets arranged symmetrically along the center of the leaf. Each leaflet is attached or pinned to the midrib. It makes the leaf look like a feather.

    2. Palmately compound leaf:

    They are leaflets radiating outwards from the end of the petiole. It looks similar to the fingers of the palm of our hands.

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