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Activity Discussion Environment What is a Fold?

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  • Ishita

    August 6, 2021 at 2:57 pm
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    Flood is considered to be a very dangerous disaster. It happens by the overflowing of water. Floods can look very different from one another as flooding shadows anything from a couple of inches of water to many feet. It can also come on quickly or build slowly. There are many different kinds of floods.
    <div>According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory there are five types of floods.</div><div>Which include: 1.River flood, 2. Storm surge, 3.Coastal flood, 4. Inland flood, 5.flash flood.</div><div>1.River flood:- When water levels rise over the top of river banks then river flood occurs. This flood can happen in any river or stream channels.</div><div>2.Storm surge:- an abnormal rise in water level in coastal areas over and above the regular astronomical tide is considered as storm surge. Storm surge can occur as a meteorological storm that causes higher than normal tides on the coast. It occurs in front of Wind, Waves, Low atmospheric pressure.</div><div>3.Coastal flood:- When the dry areas flood with seawater. It occurs because of a combination of sea tidal surges, high winds, and barometric pressure. This flood comes in the form of Tropical cyclones, Tsunami,Higher-than-average tides.</div><div>4. Inland flood:- Inland flood is a type of flood which occurs inland , not in coastal areas. Basically heavy rainfall is the cause of inland flooding. It can happen with steady rainfall over several days or it can happen because of a short and long time of rainfall.</div><div>5.Flash flood:- Flash flood happens for heavy rainfall and thunderstorms from several days, it can happen in any area. Most flash floods happen for a short period of time with intense rainfall. Flash floods also happen when dams break, when levees fail, or when an ice jam releases an outsized amount of water.</div><div>

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