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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is a panic attack?


  • Ishita

    September 21, 2021 at 4:11 pm
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    Panic Attack

    A panic attack is caused by severe anxiety, which causes the physical impression of fear. The symptoms of a panic attack are shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, dizziness, trembling and muscle tension. This can last from a few minutes to hours. The effect of the attack lasted for a few hours. A panic attack is very common in individuals. Approximately 30% of people in the population experience panic attacks. It is also known as an anxiety attack or anxiety disorder. The signs of a panic attack can compare with those of other medical conditions, retaining lung disorders, heart conditions, or thyroid problems. Occasionally, a person having a panic attack pursues emergency medical care because they realize as if they are having a heart attack. Anxiety is a natural stress reaction, but if anxiety levels become too high, this can lead to alarm. When the brain obtains indications of danger, it entices the adrenal gland to disclose adrenaline, which is occasionally called epinephrine or the “fight or flight” hormone. A rush of adrenaline can hasten the heartbeat and raise blood pressure and the proportion of breathing. These are all elements of a panic attack. There is a serious Physiological problem. This should never be taken for granted. If anyone is facing these problems they should take reconciling and physiological treatment. It can make a negative impact on your life and your way of living. This issue is better to be resolved. The best way to deal with It is to be happy and relaxing. You can relax by traveling, exercise, yoga, listening to music.

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