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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is art?


  • Aruja

    June 10, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    Not Helpful

    In simple words if we say, it is a way through which a person can express their emotions without speaking, whatever it is within you, whatever you feel, whatever you think you can express it and show it to anyone and to everyone. Through the way of your art presentation there are different types of criteria because anything that is creative and anything that is created by a person through some certain equipments and emotions and feelings and inspiration and that requires the brain of artist, an artistic eye that is called a artist. It could be a visual thing like a painting or a makeup artist, it could be through speaking like through singing, public speaking, motivating speaker or it could be a way in which you speak through actions like dance, acting, etc.

    So as a conclusion we came to an end that anything that is creative and helps to show emotions and thinking of a person without speaking it is called art and everything have their unique way to present it and there is no limitation in this field it could be anything. And there are so many ways if you see, different parts of the world there are people who make hand crafts and soveniors and statues, unique furniture, etc these all are different types of art. Every piece of art is unique, beautiful and have some message from the artist into it.

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