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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is green revolution?

  • Shivani

    July 9, 2021 at 1:01 pm
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    The greatest increase in crop production in developing countries is achieved through the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and high yielding crops called Green Revolution.


    1. It allows for large-scale agricultural activities.

    The Green Revolution has brought agriculture on a large scale. Looking at the past agricultural sector, the only crops that were planted in large quantities were the only ones that needed extensive human intervention to grow healthy, which means it was not so easy. But now, we have simplified things, where most crops are grown at an industrial level or by a small farming community.

    2. It has the ability to plant any crop anywhere.

    This new approach to farming has made agriculture almost universal. Although you may not yet be able to plant sea potatoes, you will still be able to use many types of land or land to grow them. This means that farmers do not have to be in very fertile countries to be able to do their own thing, as the Green Revolution has made agriculture more widely used.

    3. Eliminates the need for arable land.

    This method of farming has allowed farmers to replant the same crops without falling into their fields, which is known as an expensive process. While there are some crops where the soil still needs to be incorporated, the Green Revolution has made farming very expensive.


    1. It can cause pests and weeds to be dangerous.

    This modern method of farming is believed to create poisonous weeds and insects that are difficult to control. Apart from this, there are also concerns about pollination between genetically modified organisms and traditional plants that can lead to invasive species.

    2. It uses mono-culturing.

    One of the major controversies against this modern technology is that it uses mono-culturing. This practice is known to require large areas of land, which are rarely available, high fertilizer prices and high water levels, which bring difficulties for farmers.

    3. There may be difficulties with different types of soil in the area.

    Since the Green Revolution does not look at the type of soil to cultivate, it only considers the area and does what it needs to plant crops, it does nothing to ensure that soil fertility is supplemented or maintained.

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