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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is Hacking?


  • Shivani

    June 23, 2021 at 9:27 am
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    Computers and the Internet have transformed the workplace into a world beyond imagination. Computers have made the most of our lives, all our data, it is moved out of the position, and the hacking in the computers. While this job is to change that reduces the physical strain on employees, it also increased the likelihood of theft of the information. Those who are involved in the theft of data or information, or the system of corruption are an expert people, with good intentions, which is known as a hacker. There are different types of hackers on the internet. Let’s see how many types of hackers are there, as well as the types of hacker attacks and the methods used.

    1) Hackers, White hats

    White hat hackers are the types of hackers, who are professionals with a solid background in the field of cyber security. They will have the right, if the use of certificates to hack systems. These hackers, white hats, they work for the government or organizations in the system. They broke the system, and the organization’s cyber security vulnerabilities. This hack is designed to test the level of cyber security within your organization. In this way, the show’s weak points, and the solutions to avoid the attacks from third-party sources. Hackers, white hats, to work in accordance with the principles and rules laid down by the government of the Russian Federation. White-hat hackers, they are also known as ethical hackers.

    2) Hackers and Black hats

    Black-hat attackers, they are computer experts, but it is with good intentions. They are different systems in order to gain access to the systems where they do not have a valid user name. To gain access and steal data or destroy your system. The hacking of the methods that may be used by these types of hackers out there, depending on the connection of knowledge and skills of the individual. As for the hacker, the intention of the hacker and be a criminal. The intent of a person’s evil actions cannot be measured, nor can the degree of the offense during the hack.

    3) Grey hat Hackers

    The purpose behind the robbery and is taken into account in the modeling of the attacker. The attacker can be in the grey hat that falls in between the hackers at the black hat and the hackers are the white hat. They are not certified to would-be hackers. These types of hackers are working with the right or wrong reasons. The hack can be made for their benefit. The purpose behind the robbery-determines the type of the attacker. When it comes to their personal advantage, and is a hacker, a hacker a grey hat.

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