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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is the importance of travel?


  • Tejasri

    May 22, 2021 at 5:19 pm
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    Traveling is very important in everyone’s life. Because, traveling is one of the best ways to learn. Wherever we go and whatever the place we visit we learn something. Learning a little bit day by day improves the knowledge and one day it turns out to be a huge one.

    My favorite traveling place is to a village that is my grandmother’ home. No other place can match a grandmothers home. This is because, there is lots of fun, lots of affection, lots of knowledge and most importantly lots of delicious food. A grandmother’s home is a place where we can find all the things which we are lokking for.

    Whenever we go to our grandmother’s home, It is sin that we gain 1 or 2 kgs of weight. This is because, our grandmother makes such a delicious food. The food which our grandmother gives us is the food where we can find in no other place in the world. It is such a delicious one which no other individual can make.

    I don’t say that every grandmothers home is like this because there are different situation for different people in their life. One must understand the problems and lead their life. Blessed are those who have their grandmother’s house and who visit their grandmother’s house as a vacation.

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