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Activity Discussion Environment What is the role of IT in disaster management?

  • Edutuber

    June 8, 2021 at 1:14 am
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    Advancement in the field of Information technology and other scientific modern ways of data interchange has always helped humans in tackling unexpected natural as well as man made disasters which came out of blue. Natural disasters can be of various types like flood, tsunami , drought ,landslide ,tornado, volcanic eruption eruption etc. These maybe of different intensities also. The intensities are of different levels also. These intensities may range from low level to extreme levels. For coping with these disasters, we need a well working disaster management system. Advancement in information technology can be used here . Those who heads the disaster activicties can understand the gravity of the situation without going to the place . This helps in saving precious time lost for the evaluation of the disaster. The ones who lost their loved ones somewhere in the disaster can inform the control room . Here again the advanced capacity of Information technology in helping us in these situation is well exhibited . IT also helps in regulating and maintaining relief shelters , and even in rehabilitation processes. The use of IT is that it can explore the areas where humans cannot reach with ease. For example a robot can explore a burrow which is just 1 foot wide while a human cannot even go more than 1 meter inside it. So advancement in Information technology has helped humans in their devolepment so much and their part in overcoming disasters is well known

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