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Activity Discussion History What Was the Largest Contiguous Empire in History?

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    May 24, 2021 at 6:10 pm
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    When we look into the Empirical history , there were many Empires which took the throne of power globally . Among these powerful empires , the most powerful contiguous empire which ruled almost half of the world is the Mongol dynasty. It became almost impossible for many rulers to defeat the mongol invasion. The mongols where cruel and lacked kindness in every of their blood. Whichever land they invaded they brutally assassinated the men and took women as their captives. The empire was lead by Genghis Khan , even after death his funeral place is still hidden. It is believed that a secret army took his corpse into a secret location as per his wish. Anybody who were seen near the vicinity of army was executed mercilessly . Till today, scholars are in research for the dead remains of the merciless ruler Genghis Khan. But the Mongol invasion was a failure in the Delhi sultanate . Alauddin Khalji with the help of his bravest of brave commander Zafar khan, defeated the Mongol invasion with a small army compared to Mongol army and even took about 20000 Mongol warriors as captives. After the death of Genghis khan , Mongol dynasty began to decline. But Kublai khan was able to hold on the dynasty for some more time. The death of Kublai khan and the outbreak of black death led to the end of Mongol dynasty.

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