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Activity Discussion History Who was called ‘Gandhiburi’? Why ? Explain in detail.

  • Shivani

    July 5, 2021 at 12:21 pm
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    Impossible, Instagram (1870-1942), the famous Gandhian leader, and as a humanist. Instagram is not a Matangini Hazra was born in a small village called Hegela in the near Tamluk Thana with the Instagram in-West-Bengal. The daughter of a poor farmer, and they had no access to education in the house of his father. Married at a very young age, as a widow to the age of eighteen years, without any children. She has played an active role in the struggle for independence from colonial rule, and I was Mahatma Gandhi’s motto on instagram.

    In 1932, He participated in Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience Movement, Salt Satyagraha), which are produced and salts in the Alinan the Salt Center, and was arrested and imprisoned for the violation of the Salt Act. After her arrest, she was forced to walk a long distance in a sentence. Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram the Tax has also been involved in the Tax Bandha Instagram movement, and when she went to the judge, instagram protested against the illegal establishment of the governor’s office of the district Court is to punish those who took part in this movement, the Instagram was arrested again. She was convicted and sentenced to six months ‘ imprisonment and sent to Baharampur is the Prison-house.

    After his release from prison, he was actively involved in the activities of the Indian National Congress (organisation). She started off with the spinning of the thread and Khaddar (coarse cloth), as a true follower of Gandhiji. In 1933, she became a member of the Mahakuma Conference, Conferences” on Instagram, where the police force was a gun attack on the protesters. Involved in humanitarian causes, he worked for the affected men, women, and children as well as in the smallpox epidemic broke out in the region. People are affectionately referred to it as “Gandhi Buri” (elder, Mrs Gandhi).

    During the “get out of mexico” movement, the Instagram of the residents of the planned attack, and to gain Thanes, the courts, and other authorities. Instagram, which was a 72-year-old has led the procession through the village. The police opened fire. The bullet hit her in the arm. Undeterred, they are still begging the police not to shoot her brother. Another bullet wound to her head. She’s passed on, a symbol of the anti-colonial movement, which is the flag of freedom.

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