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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why are famers important for our society?


  • Ishita

    September 25, 2021 at 2:22 pm
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    Farmers are the backbone of our lives. They feed us and keep us alive. They provide us with all the food. The whole people of this world depend on them. They are the most helpful humans in the world. They have great importance in our lives as they’re those who provide us with food. A person wants adequate food for a living. There are many various sorts of farmers and all of them are equally significant in society. They accumulate crops like Rice, wheat, barley, etc. Vastly of the input of Indian houses are wheat and rice so the planting of wheat and rice is more in farming. Not only crops, but they also give us fruits. Some farmers plant fruits regularly. Farmers have to formulate numerous varieties of soil for different fruits. Farmers expect to possess great knowledge of harvests and fruits. All of them work very hard to get the ultimate harvest. Farman gives 17% to the Indian economy. However, they didn’t get the extravagance of society. The circumstance of farmers in India is very critical. We relatively often learn the news of the suicide of farmers. They live a more impossible life than others. Most of them sleep in poverty in India. They don’t have reasonable wealth to educate their kids or feed their kids. Global warming creates their lives more problematic. Global warming causes a delay in season As various crops have their season to ripe, they are not giving reasonable nourishment. If crops don’t get adequate rain and sunlight they get destroyed so it also destroys the farmers as well. However, the Government has taken various efforts to save the farmers. It delivers them many privileges, the government has exempted them from all the loans. And also provide them with an annual pension of 6000 rupees. The government also ensures that the youngsters get a correct education. Farmers are professionals which need proper hard work, dedication and labour. So if we take initiative to guard them then it’ll develop our country.

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