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Activity Discussion History World War 1!

  • World War 1!

    Posted by Suraj on June 23, 2023 at 11:38 pm

    Step into the exciting world of World War I! Let’s uncover the major causes and consequences of this global conflict.🧐

    Backdrop: Let’s explore the fascinating world of World War I! Imagine you’re a detective 🕵trying to uncover why the war happened and what happened as a result. Get ready to gather clues from history!

    Hints for Causes:🗒

    1. The Race for Power: Many powerful countries were competing to get more land and resources. It’s like a big game of “Capture the Flag” on a global scale!
    2. Strong National Feelings: People felt very proud of their countries and were willing to fight for them. Can you think of any famous events that made the situation worse?

    Hints for Consequences:🗒

    1. Changing Borders: The war caused big changes to how the map of Europe looked. It was like a huge puzzle where countries were moved around. Can you find any new countries that were created or old ones that changed?
    2. Tricky Treaty: At the end of the war, an important agreement was signed. It blamed one country and had long-lasting effects. Can you guess which country it was?

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