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Activity Discussion History Write about Governor Generals of British India.


    June 3, 2021 at 1:01 pm
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    The list of Governor Generals are provided below:

    1. Warren Hastings: He was in power from 1772 through 1785. He is known as the first Governor of Bengal. He came into the British East India Company in 1750 where he joined in as a clerk. Later when he came to India he established his work and showed dedication and ultimately acquire the position

    Out of few achievements, the Asiatic Society of Bengal was formed by him William Jones in 1784.

    2. Sir John Macpherson: He was in power for a very short period of 1785-1786. He was soon replaced and thus he didn’t lay much impact.

    3. Lord Cornwallis: He was the Governor-General from 1786 to 1793. He gave birth to the Zamindari system in Bengal. He also established a system of revenue and land taxes. There were mini police stations and the state was divided under different police inspectors according to the area. He was the former of Civil Service In India.

    4. Sir John Shore: Sir John Shore hold his office from1793 to 1798. He is famous for introducing the Charter Act of 1793.

    5. Lord Wellesley Next has Lord Wellesley, who came into power in 1798 and hold his office through 1805. He introduced the system of Subsidiary Alliance. He is widely known as the Father of Civil Services in India.

    6. Sir George Barlow: He was in power from 1805 to 1807.

    7. Lord Minto I: He came in power in 1807 and continued till 1813. He was known for the Treaty of Amritsar.

    8. Lord Hastings Then came Lord Hasting who was Governor-General from 1813 to 1823. He was the one to introduce Ryotwari and Mahalawari system in Bombay.

    9. Lord Amherst: He was in office from 1823-1828. No major changes were made.

    10. Lord William Bentick: He worked from 1828 to 1835. Lord William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck or simply Lord William Bentick was the first Governor-General of India, before that the position was known as Governor General of Bengal. He worked to abolish Sati Daha Pratha, killing of female infants, and child sacrifices. He also found the first Medical College in Calcutta.

    11. Sir Charles Metcalfe: He holds this position for an extremely short period of just one year, 1835-1836.

    12. Lord Auckland: He was in power from 1836 to 1842. His governance experienced the first Afghan War.

    13. Lord Dalhousie: Lord Dalhousie hold office from 1848 to 1856. He made significant changes. He started the first Railway line from Bombay to Thane He also started the first Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agar. Both in the year 1853. Furthermore, he introduced the Doctrine of Lapse. He initiated the construction of the famous GT road. He acted on social causes too and passed the Widow Remarriage Bill.

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