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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Write about the misuse of technology.

  • Kumari

    May 29, 2021 at 3:09 pm
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    Technology has advanced alot in these previous years. It helped alot in making our lives easier. From replacing the broom from vaccume cleaner, to making the clock portable which can be taken with us wherever we go ie- hand watches.
    From telephone to portable mobile phones, technology has been usefull for all of us. But all the things we have has certain limits it used more than the limits and negatively can cause huge problem for us and the society. Some people use missuse technology for easy money leading to creating isssues for the society. People are getting addicted to the technology. School children are getting phones for the whole day . They don’t know what is wrong and right all they do is trying to know everything that in there on the internet leading them to know which is not for there age group. Addiction to technology causes alot of mental issues like depression, stress, anxiety which can only be recovered from leaving away the technology. Students waste there time on phone and instead of studying just do stuffs that can make them lazy and mentally weak. All the things have two aspects one the positive one and one the negative one based on how we use it. Technology for sure has made our life easier but on the other hand the crime rate has also increased. People with intention of earning easy money starts walking on the wrong path. The cyber crime have also increased due to the advancement of technology. Due to getting technology sources at early age a person’s mind divert towards wrong things as it looks more interesting and less need of hard work. It becomes easier for people to lay down towards easy doing work then the hard work. We should always keep in mind to use all own resources in a positive to way as it creates positive impact on us as well as the society.

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