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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Cast discrimination

  • Shweta

    June 1, 2021 at 7:13 pm
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    Caste discrimination has been one of the most important and hot topic for the whole nation. In india, we usually concieve people fighting for their caste. The discrimination between the caste has been made so vital that even the children talks about it. This is because they see and learn about such things in their houses. The discrimination between hindu and muslims, is the topic which is present at a tip of the tongue.

    Due to the discrimination, people fights and abuses each other’s religion which pollutes the whole environment and the upcoming generation is being encouraged by seeing such things. These discrimination has broken the unity. Inspite of blaming each other, Abusing each other, rather we should live together happily, celebrate each other’s festival. Learn the things which every religion teaches us.

    As no religion teaches us to be apart or to blame or abuse each other. Not even it teaches us to develop the hatred in others. Due to caste discrimination, many relationships gets broken as well. What we should think and keep in mind that two persons wants to live together with their whole heart and pure soul. Not everyone can live with anyone. It might be possible that one gets attached to the other irrespective of their caste, so it is not at all wrong that they can get married and live together. But the caste discrimination is been acting as a curse that noone can marry out of their religion. The upcoming generation is learning this as well.

    We, being an educated and smart generation, should never promote such kind of practices. Rather, we should live together with love and happiness. Spread love and you will gain more love.

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