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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Superstitious society: a threat to rational growth.”

  • Ishita

    August 10, 2021 at 2:55 pm
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    Superstitions are just irrational beliefs. This person believes in some quite power which they need never seen. albeit they can’t see it they only believe it or feel the presence of it working. Superstitions are unreasonable and irrational but they still exist everywhere the planet . We began to believe superstitions. We got a sense that humans are at the mercy of natural elements. Some superstitions were also created due to social values. due to it people began to worship the forces of nature for an extended time. But during this times superstitions just make us weak and fearful. It just gives us unreasonable fear and builds a fragile personality. during a country like India, we believe tons of superstitions. Some superstitions include if someone sneezes during the time of departure, people consider it unlucky,when a cat crosses your path, people consider it a nasty omen. In alternative, offering curd before the beginning of any journey is auspicious. many of us of the younger generation are seen to go to temples before any important day. They wear teka, tabezz permanently luck. believe a positive power isn’t bad but once you believe an excessive amount of superstitions it causes you to fearful. Sometimes many bad people took advantage of your fear. And earn money by it. numerous bad people disguise as monk, and holy people and took advantage of our fear. during this era of technology and modernization , we should always be rational to develop ourselves and our country.

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